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About Us

Welcome to Rhine-online - your guide to the Rhine in English.

Rhine-online is the off-shoot of Rhine Magazine, a print publication which covered Cologne, Düsseldorf and Bonn from 2004 to 2007. We decided to move to an online format in 2007 and since then have continued to bring our readers the best of the Rhine, in a language they can understand.

We reach tourists and expats alike, providing information on local services, social groups as well as news and reviews and basically everything our readers need to make the most of the Rhine region.

If you'd like to find out more, become a writer, advertise, or add your information to the "We Speak English" directory, send us an email at: gpinkner@ppverlag.com.

Regular Rhine-onliners:

Editor and writer Gaby Pinkner has been in Cologne since 2003 and has dedicated her days ever since, to helping English speakers around the Rhine find all the things they need to make life in the region as enjoyable as possible. 




Journalist Bryan Thomas used to write for Time Magazine in South America. His life has been one long adventure so far and he's still on the look out for new material for his half written memoirs. He's also busy creating the best online portal for over 50 Adventurers - pay a visit to Intrepid Optimist and see what todays silver surfers are up to. 



Johnny Hollywood is solely responsible for bringing stand-up comedy in English, to the Rhine region.  Not only has he started up the famous "Hollywood's Comedy Nights", he's also trained up a whole bunch of local would-be comics and helped launch their careers both in Germany, Europe and even the US. In his spare time he writes up a storm for Rhine-online and always has the best tips for comedy events around the region.


Professor N. Spohnheimer is our very own in house rocket scientist.  When it comes to space, science and "the great beyond" he's the man in the know.  He writes about events and places that catch his interest around the region and always brings an out of this world style to Rhine-on line reporting.




Cheryl Watamura Martinez is an American copywriter of Japanese descent who has been living and working in Germany for 20 years.  She worked as a TV journalist and film editor in San Francisco and now combines those two skills – writing and motion graphics. She is co-owner of phaze two, a postproduction and on-screen design studio in Düsseldorf, andthe driving force behind Texter-Koeln. Cheryl will be sharing her love of Japanese food and her latest discoveries in and around Cologne and Düsseldorf.


Cat Chaplynn is a multi-talented performer who is in training to become a life coach. A Cologne local, Cat's philosophy is - life is all about relaxing, finding new energy, health, and most importantly, about feeling good. She'll be sharing her insider tips on the best places to go to eat, meet friends, hear music, have alaugh, and have fun in and around Cologne.



Karin came to Bonn in search of work after graduating in 1999 and never looked back. A translator and conference interpreter by training, when not working she’s out socialising with members of the Bonn and Cologne expat community. Karin reports mainly on cultural events in and around Bonn.

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