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My Daddy is going away - but that's OK!


Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to be away from the family for any length of time. If you're in a job where trips abroad are a regular occurance, life can be very hard for the family left behind. Which makes this book by British Army officer, Chris MacGregor interesting for soldiers, sailors, airmen, businessmen, truck drivers, doctors, actors and basically anyone who has to spend extended time way from loved ones. "My Daddy's Going Away" seeks to help kids understand and accept their Dad's absence by reducing their anxiety.

English books in Cologne's Altstadt

eng books and tea

Remember when buying books was about the books, and not the cafe, the bright lighting, sofa's, the wafted smell of coffee and endless nik-naks? I do - which is why I really like the newly relocated English Books and Tea.  The first thing that will impress you is its location in the Altstadt - probably the most beautiful part of Cologne - but a part that one only tends to visit for a quick stroll when friends come to visit. Well now there is a reason to go - and it's a good one.

Düsseldorf, Aachen and the Lower Rhine

Düsseldorf, Aachen and the Lower Rhine

There is lots to see and do around the Rhine area, and lots of great guide books telling you exactly what to see and do - but not so many of them are in English.  So thank heavens for Roy Kift - an avid local explorer who thoughtfully takes the time to write down all the great things he's seen around the region - in English.  Following his earlier books Tour the Ruhr and The Wupper Valley, Roy's latest exploratory adventures take him closer to the lower Rhine around Düsseldorf and Aachen.  The book is full of interesting history and tips for places to go and things to se

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