++ Thursday night is Kino Night at Metropolis Cologne - tickets only €4 ++ Düsseldorf celebrates its 725th birthday this year with a program of events and city tours planned ++


Comedy and more at Das Sofa

There may not be a telly and no one's going to offer you a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, but there's a distinct living room vibe to Bonn's new club Das Sofa. And that's the aim of the place according to owner Michael Lebaci: "Das Sofa is somewhere people can go and feel 'at home'". It certainly has a varied program to offer; from book readings to Salsa nights, motto parties like the regular Depeche Mode night, to gay party nights. It even has comedy, in English. You can catch Dot's Comedy Show on Thursday 21st February.

A Special Relationship

We all know about 'that special relationship'. You know, the one we all thought was over when on his first official meeting with the new US president, Gordon gave Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet, and Obama gave Gordon Brown a DVD box set of 25 classic American films. A gift about as unimaginative as a soap assortment from the Body Shop. But it will take more than just a few dodgy gifts to end the famous 'relationship'.

Out of this world comedy

It's our favourite time of year again - it's time for the Cologne Comedy Festival! Of course we'll be sitting in the front row at Hollywood's Comedy Night because last year we all laughed so hard our faces hurt for a week. This year's line up is guaranteed to have you falling off your chairs - sometimes literally. Maxi Gstettenbauer is a German with a sense of humour - no that's not an oxymoron - this guy is funny - and even though he's fresh on the comedy circuit he's already been on tour... around the Ruhr... and San Fransisco!

Flexing those comedy muscles

As regular readers will know - we love a bit of comedy at the Rhine Magazine HQ. Unfortunately all this darned football has meant all comedy nights in both Bonn and Cologne have been cancelled over June and July. Thank heavens Steve Dix has come to the rescue. Staffordshire's cross between Stan Laurel and John Lennon is starting up a new comedy show this Friday. The Standup Workout Show will be an open mike stand-up show and will give comics the chance to flex their comedy muscles, and try some new gags on a semi-friendly audience.

Laughing all the way to Bonn

It's comedy time again - this week at Fiddlers Irish Pub in Bonn. Hosted by the inimitable Andy Valvur, the line-up is looking good - and not just because Christiane's on the bill. Not only will Andy be hosting, he'll also be wowing the crowds with his own routine - and also fishing for tips on how to get a job at Deutsche Post... James Giscombe will tell you just how tough it is being an auslander entrepreneur in Germany and might show you why he's often mistaken for a Spartan.

Wednesday night is comedy night

olga putin

Remember the days of Glasnost, the Iron Curtain, Gorbachev and Reagan and the constant threat of nuclear war?  Possibly not - but one of the stars of Wednesday's Hollywood's Comedy Nights might.  Olga Putin is a Russian who has "come in Germany" as she so elequently explains. After taking a bus from Moscow to Cologne she's now on the look out for a rich man with a German passport and access to state secrets.

Glamour Impro Gaga in Krefeld

Here at Rhine Online - we like comedy.  We embraced the world of English speaking stand-up comedy back in 2003 when Johnny Hollywood started his shows in Cologne.  One of the highlights of those early days was a Kiwi improv comedian called John Hudson who used to do his show alone, or with his glamorous and hilarious side-kick (and real life girlfriend and now wife) Sonja Kling.  Not only was John a master improviser, able to come up with hilarious spontaneous jokes and inspired heckler retorts, he also had a brilliant on (and off) stage chemistry with Sonja that made their s

Laughter and beer at Fiddlers in Bonn


There is an old Yiddish proverb that says "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul" so if you're in need of a good clean out - come down to the Drei fcik in Bonn tomorrow night.  The line-up  is not yet confirmed but our very own Johnny Hollywood will be doing a turn on the Fiddlers stage, along with Staffordshire's finest Steve Dix and the evenings' host, hash man Mr Steve Calcott.  This is the third show at Fiddlers and so far each one has been a standing room only affair.  The secret to the shows success has been a great line-up, great organisation

Comedy in Bonn in English


The lucky people of Cologne have been blessed with an English stand up comedy show since 2003 - thanks to Hollywood's Comedy Nights.

Knacki Deuser in Cologne


Ever heard of Knacki Deuser?  You should have, he's only one of the biggest names in German comedy!  He's a Rheinlander who found the inspiration for a show that would later become the legendary "Nightwash", in New York City. "I noticed the difference in the way people experienced comedy there. We would go to shows and everyone was so loose and casual about it. It was all so uncomplicated, not stiff and planned like in Germany. People would go out after work and want to do something, so they would go to a comedy club.

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