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Great escapes

Paradise found in Mediterana

If you need to relax and unwind, we've found the perfect place to do it. Claudius Therme, Neptune Bad, they're both pretty good, but if you want to take relaxation to a completely new level, then check out Mediterana. Just outside Bergish Gladbach, Mediterana is a Moroccan, Spanish and Eastern influenced wellness temple filled with sauna's, steam baths, pools and rooms for doing nothing more than just chilling out and relaxing. The somewhat confusing layout means that you can wander for what seems like ages through room after room of lounging people.

Weekend escapes - beautiful Prague

Cologne-Bonn to Prague: one hour flying time, about an hour on an eastern block reminiscent bus and you're suddenly in one of the most beautiful city's in Europe.


Autumn is fast approaching with it's rainy skies and blustery winds, but there's no need to dispair in the Rhineland.  Right on your doorstep you'll find one of the largest choices of spas in all of Germany - just what you need to beat the Autumn blues.

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