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My Indigo: my goodness it's good

Do you ever long for fresh, tasty and healthy fast food? Well now in Cologne you can have it. My Indigo is an unlikely named cafe restaurant in an unlikely location. Oppositie the Barcelo hotel near to Rudolfplatz. The previous incarnation - a greasy looking donor kebab plus pizza take-away and restuarant, has been replaced with something that looks and feels rather like the cafe out of 'Friends'. It's all dark wood, sofas low lighting and a great range of cool reading material. And then there's the food. It's all fresh, there are no addiditves and it's a cross between Wagamma's and Yo Sushi! Anyone who doesn't know these places - trust me - this is good. Fresh sushi, yummy salads, thai curries, a range of soups including misso, plus all types of noodles and sauces. There are bio drinks and Sion beer as well as tea, coffee, juices and Kombucha. You take a cute wooden tray, stack it full with tasty morsels pay at the counter and retire to a cozy nook to scoff. When you're finished you go and do it all over again. I got through a plate of sushi, two salads, a bowl of misso soup with vegetables and a glass of delicious Elderflower schorle, all for €10. The drawbacks? Very loud music - it felt a little like being in a chill-out lounge in a club with fantastic food thrown into the mix; it could also be a bit of scrum when it gets really busy. The My Indigo concept comes from Austria where there are already five restaurants. There's another one in Hawaii and the founders recently won a golden palm award for 'innovative food' at Cannes. Great food, great service - let's hope the location doesn't let it down.


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